Tower of Hanoi and Variations

Posted on February 10th, 2013

Tower of Hanoi Challenge provides a good standardized test bed to evaluate integration of high-level reasoning capabilities of robots together with their manipulation and perception aspects.We address this challenge within a general planning and monitoring framework: we represent the puzzle in a logic-based formalism, integrate task planning and motion planning, solve this hybrid planning problem with a state-of-the-art automated reasoner (e.g., a SAT solver), execute the computed plans under feedback control while also monitoring for failures, and recover from failures as required.


Dynamic Simulation for the Tower of Hanoi Challenge

For the Tower of Hanoi Challenge, we have integrated our hybrid planner with motion and grasp planners of OpenRave and solved the generalized Tower of Hanoi problem, where initial configuration of the disks can be set randomly as long they obey the problem constraints. A sample video of such a dynamic simulation with Kuka youBot mobile manipulator is presented below.

Here is a dynamic simulation for the Tower of Hanoi Challenge that includes navigation with the mobile base.

Physical Implementation of the Tower of Hanoi Challenge

Dynamic Simulation of Fetch and Carry Task for the Robocup@Work Competition

We have extended our planning and execution monitoring framework for the Robocup@Work competition. A sample video of the dynamic simulation of typical fetch and carry tasks in a constrained workspace using Kuka youBot mobile manipulator is also presented below.

Robocup@Work Competition at IEEE/IJR IROS 2012


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