Intelligent Robots @ Home

Posted on October 8th, 2011

Intelligent Robots @ Home

In housekeeping, the goal is for multiple autonomous robots to clean a house collaboratively before a given deadline.

This domain is challenging from various aspects: 1) It is commonsense knowledge that, in a tidy house, books are in the bookcase, dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, pillows are in the closet. In that sense, books are expected to be in the living room, dishes in the kitchen and pillows in the bedroom. How can the robots know and reason about such commonsense knowledge? 2) The discrete action of a robot moving to a location in a room is possible if that location is clear. However, there may be a table and  a chair before this location, and the passage between the table and the chair may be too narrow for the robot to pass through. How do we represent preconditions of (discrete) actions that require (continuous) geometric reasoning for a collision-free execution?  3) When a robot cannot move an object because it is heavy, then the robot may want to compute another plan that postpones moving the heavy object to its expected location by the help of another robot, but only in the last four steps. How do we solve such planning problems with temporal constraints?  4)  If a robot cannot move a heavy object to its goal position, the robot may ask another robot for help. How should the robots collaborate to ensure that the house be tidied in a given amount of time 5) If a robot collides with a movable object whose presence and location is not known earlier (e.g., a human may bring the movable object into the room while the robot is executing the plan), then the execution of the robot’s plan fails.  How can the robot automatically detect failures and recover from them?

We study these problems using various formalisms, methods and tools from knowledge representation, automated reasoning, motion planning, commonsense reasoning.

Demos are for the scenario described in “Housekeeping with Multiple Autonomous Robots: Representation, Reasoning and Execution” by Aker et al. (Commonsense 2011).

Housekeeping Demo 1

Hosekeeping with Multiple Robots

Houskeeping Demo 2

Housekeeping with Multiple Robots




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