A Formal Framework for Robot Construction Problems: A Hybrid Planning Approach

Posted on September 10th, 2018

We propose a formal hybrid planning framework for robot construction problems where multiple autonomous robots rearrange stacks of prefabricated blocks to build stable structures. The planning framework not only decides for a stable final configuration of the structure, but also computes the order of manipulations tasks for multiple autonomous robots to build the structure from an initial configuration, while simultaneously ensuring the stability and other desired properties of the partial construction at each step of the plan. We discus the usefulness of this framework with some challenging bridge building and stack overhanging scenarios, and show its applicability with multiple robots through demonstrations using a bimanual Baxter robot.

A supplementary document that provides robot construction plans for a range of scenarios can be downloaded from this link.

Several videos of dynamic simulations and physical implementation with bi-manual Baxter robot is presented below.



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